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Coaching Programmes

We offer coaching programmes which suit the needs of every business – small or large.  When we meet with you, we’ll help you decide which is the programme which is most suited to where you are right now in the development of yourself and your business.


Our guarantee



We believe that there should be NO FINANCIAL RISK when you work with us.  As such, if you work with me for 6 months and in that time, I haven’t added the amount you have invested in coaching to your gross profit, I will personally refund the difference.


We measure our success not only by the results that our clients achieve, but also by how long our clients stay with us.  We operate on 30 days notice, there are no contracts.

Whichever programme you choose, you’ll also be invited to our quarterly planning sessions, where all our clients attend and set their goals and plan for the coming quarter.  You’ll also have the opportunity to attend our larger events, such as the annual Business Excellence Forum


Group Coaching


Our group coaching programme follows a set syllabus covering in detail all of the areas of our “6 steps” and “5 ways” models.  It’s designed to teach you all of the areas of your business you’ll need to know to move towards “a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you”.

With up to 20 businesses in the room, we meet either fortnightly or monthly to cover a specific topic.  You’ll have set tasks to complete between sessions.  We’ll make sure that you’re absolutely clear on how to achieve them, and hold you accountable to make sure they’re done.

You’ll share your learning and experiences with the other business owners in your group, develop strong relationships and leverage each others’ knowledge to accelerate the performance in your business.


One 2 One coaching


Our One 2 One coaching programmes are bespoke in nature, and best suit businesses who already have a good level of knowledge, but are looking to take the step to the next level, whether that be growth, introduction of a management team, or indeed preparing for sale, for example.

We will align you and your team, then work with you to develop a bespoke plan which we will then work with you to implement.  We will work with you on any area of your business, whether that be planning, sales, marketing, financials, systems, leadership and management or indeed mindset.

We meet either weekly or fortnightly, and add in team training as appropriate.  You will be expected to learn, be open to challenge and be highly committed to the success of your business.  You will be held accountable, kept focused, and excuses are not acceptable!

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